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experimental build 0851 - October 22, 2017 Empty experimental build 0851 - October 22, 2017

Mon Oct 23, 2017 6:57 am
I'm happy to see more and more game rooms with build 0848, and as always folks - comments are welcomed.

Time for another experimental build.  This time the changes are focusing on polishing with some minor balancing.  One thing I'm particularly excited to introduce is the ability to buy Cat spell/unit with secondary requirement being replaced with minerals ($$).  This saves the trouble for Cat to turn minerals ($$) into DTs.  For example:

Baby Cat (3+1) normally requires Cat to have 4 DTs, even though the Baby Cat unit cost 3 DTs only.  Now, a Cat with 3 DTs only can buy Baby Cat when having $100 minerals or more.

Another example is Burn Base Minerals (1+3), which normally requires 4 DTs even though the spell cost 1 DT only.  Now, a Cat with 3 DTs can buy this spell if Cat has $100 minerals or more, or having 2 DTs with $200 minerals or more, or 1 DT with $300 minerals or more.

I've also added triggers to grant new SCVs with more hp.  Now when you buy a SCV for $25, the new SCV is spawned with 4 out of 8 hp.  Now after 3 minutes, new SCVs are spawned with 6hp, while after 6 minutes, new SCVs are spawned with full health.

Let me know how these changes affect your game.  Change log as follows:

Change Log:

Classic 2.017 BETA build 851 - October 22, 2017
- re-organized Cat spell island further
- (balance) reduced Defensive Matrix spell energy cost from 100 to 50
- (balance) reduced Distruption Web spell (aka Melt Down spell) energy cost from 230 to 200
- (balance) increased mineral compensation of Refund DT for Mice players (not for Cat) from $100 to $250
- (balance) increased Hero Siege Tank (both Siege and Sieged)'s armor from 0 to 5
- (balance) allow Cat to buy spells with additional $ instead of DT
- (balance) Stupid Fred (SCV) are now spawned with increased health gradually as game progresses
- disabled Kill All Buildings spell permanently
- renamed Siege Tank from 'Penguin Cannon' to 'Mobile Cannon'
- renamed Sieged Tank from 'Penguin Yamato Cannon' to 'Deployed Cannon'
- renamed Marine from 'Penguin Soldier' to 'Private Ryan'
- renamed Ghost from 'Nuke Specialist' to 'Special Ops'
- renamed Zealot from 'Wicked Alex' to 'Alex'
- renamed Reaver from 'Stupid Jason' to 'Jason'
- renamed High Templar from 'Stupid Jeremy' to 'Jeremy'
- renamed Observer from 'All Seeing Eye' to 'Weather Balloon'
- renamed Hatchery from 'Cat's Territory' to 'Town'
- renamed Lair from 'Cat's City' to 'City'
- renamed Hive from 'Cat's Colony' to 'Metropolis'
- renamed Evolution Chamber from 'Cat Upgrades' to 'Claw Sharpener'
- renamed Ultralisk Caven from 'Cat Breed Chamber' to 'Breed Caven'
- renamed Hero Ultra from 'Baby Cat' to 'Kitten'
- renamed Spawning Pool from 'Cat Offspring Pool' to 'Smallling Pool'
- renamed their corresponding heroes to match with the name changes

Classic 2.017 BETA build 850 - October 22, 2017
- fixed an issue with Mice Chooser being able to block Restore Mins, Transfer Mins, and Transfer Ownership with just 1 DT
- fixed an issue where Yellow (Player 7) cannot see the game start prompt due to anti-hack prompts
- re-organized Cat spell island a bit
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