Cat n Mouse Jungle
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Random Cat n Mouse Jungle 2.2 Empty Random Cat n Mouse Jungle 2.2

Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:16 am
Since Cerorec mentioned, here is 2.2 for some nostalgia.  One interesting note is that it is version 2.0R that I first introduced a 20 damage Stupid Fred.

Version History:

Version 2.2  build 55 - October 15, 2006  1:20pm
(map) added a prompt message for conditions to cure Mice when being poisoned
(map) added a prompt message for conditions to cure Mice when player moves DT to beacon
(fix) finally fixed the victory/defeat for Cat
(map) added additional conditions to cure trigger
(fix) fixed a bug that let Cat to see Ghost Radar
(map) added an additional notification for Cat that the Ghost Radar has been sent out to Mice
(balance) modified Factory, and Bunker's armor and HP

Version 2.1  build 52 - October 15, 2006  12:40am
(fix) fixed typo that makes P2 - P7's observer mode not working properly
(fix) fixed the manual set extra death in lock trigger
(plan) make Cure harder - need to have 6 or less SCVs and $600 to cure
(plan) on-screen message letting players know what to do to cure

Version 2.1  build 51 - October 9, 2006  1:28pm
(fix) fixed Cat would get a defeat message once all mice dead
(unknown bug) The fast-probe-killing fixes breaks the manual set extra death for Probe if being locked in build 50

Version 2.1  build 50 - October 8, 2006  1:38am
(fix) fixed Engineering bay does not respawn after being lifted off
(balance) Maelstorm cost decreased from 57 to 56
(balance) Zergling hp decreased from 120 to 96, armor increased from 0 to 1
(balance) Stargate is now limited to 4 per player only, additional stargates will give Cat free $$ by trigger
(map) removed some Mice Poison spells:
     - Command Probes + SCVs to Attack to middle
     - Kill 1 Unit
     - Kill 1 building
     - Kill 1 Brown Civilian
     added 2 Mice Poison spells:
     - unally allies
     - kill 1 civilian in map
(map) added an observer mode.  Also modified codes for Lock/Unlock mice for this mode
(fix) fixed Mice's mouse death counter, so killing too fast wont result in less DTs for cat
(map) added in trigger to manually set a death for Probe if being locked

Version 2.0R  build 42 - September 30, 2006  5:33pm
(balance) SCV's attack is increased from 8 to 20
(balance) Broodling cost increased from 150 to 230 mana
(balance) Psionic Storm mana cost increased from 25 to 50
(balance) limiting maximum Templars per player to be 6
(balance) Default Templar's mana increased from 50 to 100
(fix) fixed Infested Command Center HP to 200
(balance) reduced Infested Terran build cost from $100 to $80
(fix) fixed the repetitive message saying "You've been locked"
(fix) fixed the extra DT and flag after being unlocked
(balance) ensnare cost now increased from 75 mana to 100
(balance) reduced Kitty's armor from 2 to 0, reduced attack from 3 to 1

Version 2  build 41 - September 28, 2006  9:49am
(fix) fixed Player 1's FirstBS trigger

Version 2  build 40 Final - September 24, 2006  5:51pm
(fix) fixed all Mice Poison Cure triggers to make the Chooser move back to correct place
(map) added 4 more mice poison effects: kill 1 man, kill 1 building, kill 1 man/building, kill 1 Brown Civilian

Unreleased version:

There was also an unreleased version - 2.3 with a minor fix, I guess I went straight to 3.0 instead of making it another release...

Version 2.3  build 56 - November 3, 2006  9:52pm
(map) added codes to make Restore Minerals more fair among bases (to make stack mins).
(balance) added codes to make Ghost's default energy to be 60% of 250 (roughly 162).
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