Cat n Mouse Jungle
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Random Cat n Mouse Jungle 5.1 Empty Random Cat n Mouse Jungle 5.1

Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:41 am
I went back to my first web page at blogspot ( and found some relics and very old posts there.  Head over there if you're interested.  Meanwhile, here's the version of Jungle before I created Classic and Classic 2.  This map is both hard for Cat (lack of feeds) and Mice (price increase on everything), so doesn't sound much fun at all :S  oh well.  Here it is for anyone interested.

Change log:

Version 5.1 Release To Public build 5100 - May 25, 2008
- (bug) fixed a rare bug that the time frame of CatJustGotOutOfJail switch is too short for the AntiAFKProbe trigger to pick up to make player to be OB.
- (bug) fixed a duplicate Death-counter usage on Protoss Assimilator for AntiFEED and Cat's Refund DT spell.
- added an extra Wait(10) to Auto Choose Game Mode trigger to make it faster
- (balance) modified the periodic feed rates for Hard Mode to match the usual game play
- (balance) increased Cat's Refund DT rate from $30/sec to $40/sec, decreased instant refund from $400 to $200.
- modified Cat-Lose trigger so it will not prompt lose when Cat lost his Cat by Mind Control
- added a trigger to reset Cat's ownership upon Mind Control
- delayed welcome message by 5 seconds
- modified Mice-BuyCivil_EASY so it costs $100 rather than $50, also changed HP to full HP.
- added codes in Game Mode Easy so it'll change the cost of Mouse Hole (Civilian) to $100 rather than leaving it at $50
- added codes to move extra Choosers out of buying place for Monkey Vessel, Observer, and Mind Control Surrounding Units

Version 5.1 Release Candidate 4 build 5100.lab6 - May 24, 2008
- (bug) fixed a bug that causes AntiFEED for killing AFK mice at Mice Save not working due to an obsolete condition.
- (bug) fixed a loophole in development for Reseting Ownership of units at Buying Place only limited to Cat.  Now it applies to all players except Brown.
- (bug) fixed locations at Cat's Buying Place for Base Raider Unit, and Infested Terrans Unit locations
- added a separate trigger to kill MC'ed probes faster
Random Cat n Mouse Jungle 5.1 Attachment
Random Cat n Mouse Random Cat n Mouse Jungle 5.1 - build 5100 - May 25, 2008You don't have permission to download attachments.(65 Kb) Downloaded 1 times
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Random Cat n Mouse Jungle 5.1 Empty Re: Random Cat n Mouse Jungle 5.1

Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:32 am
Ah yes memories. Very Happy Back then Random CnM build 2.2 was very popular. Good ol times.
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