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Cat n Mouse Highway Empty Cat n Mouse Highway

on Fri Aug 10, 2018 8:45 am
Since I'm here in the forums and I already posted this on staredit.net, might as well post it here too. I made a CnM map called, "Cat and Mouse Highway"  Very Happy ! Check it out at http://www.staredit.net/topic/17613/

A short version...

Cat n Mouse Highway ZNxnBxX

Map Style: Custom UMS
Category: Cat and Mouse
Size: 992 KB
Players: 7
Tileset: Badlands
Dimensions: 128x128

Latest Version: 2.3
Version Date: July 20, 2018
Player Forces: Players 1-6 are Mouse when Player 8 is Cat (optional). If there is no Player 8, the game randomizes one of the remaining Players 1-6 to be Cat. Player 7 is Neutral. A full house yields 6v1, 6 Mouse Players vs 1 Cat Player.

Countless seasons have passed since the cats and mice first waged war. First it was Space, then it was Jungle, Winter, Ore Wars, Fireworld, Desert, City, Pylon, and many other places too many to name. Now, the times have changed. Fewer and fewer cats and mice battles are being fought, maybe because they are getting sick of fighting each other knowing that there are seemlingly endless amounts of them. Either way nowadays, some battles are fought, mainly in Jungle, but a new battleground has emerged! Partly because the cats and mice want a new map to settle their dispute. That is... the 8-Lane Highway! Or Freeway where ever you're from. This time, the Cats and Mice can use the advantage of the Highway to fight each other and perhaps... END THE WAR ONCE AND FOR ALL!

CREDITS (Also in Mission Briefing):
Car Crash Sound "Car Crash" (Edited by Cerorec): https://freesound.org/people/squareal/sounds/237375/ by squareal
Car Beep Sound "Car Hooter SFX.wav" (Edited by Cerorec): https://freesound.org/people/KamilNaidoo23/sounds/327417/ by KamilNaidoo23
Car Racing Sound "Drag Racing 2.wav" (Edited by Cerorec): https://freesound.org/people/squashy555/sounds/238835/ by squashy555
Killing Splat Sound "SZ_Squish_13.wav" (Edited by Cerorec, mixed into Car Crash Sound): https://freesound.org/people/PaulMorek/sounds/196724/ by PaulMorek
GTFO Sound "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! Sound Effect" (Ripped and Edited by Cerorec): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkMMTVsqOxc by 4chan Stuff
Starcraft Sound by: Blizzard
Special Thanks to verssuss for showing me how to make Choosers go-through! (V1.6 and up)
Other than that, Map Design and Triggers by: Yours, truly... CEROREC!

See More at http://www.staredit.net/topic/17613/ for additional content! Very Happy

Seems like my map is way to big to be attached Sad . You can download it from link below!

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Cat n Mouse Highway Empty Re: Cat n Mouse Highway

on Wed Jan 16, 2019 7:16 am
Just wanted to say fantastic map; but I do think it is a little too favoured for the cat; the mice have a much less safe time going for the crystals and the cat has so many ways to get income. This wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for Cat Carrier. Mice units do not do very much damage, and since it has 2000 hp it's pretty much a win for the cat. Also science vessel is way too strong for 1 gas. I feel there are quite a few balance changes needed, I just don't really know all of them as I haven't been able to get many people to play this version through for full games.
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