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build 841 - Jul 22, 2017 Empty build 841 - Jul 22, 2017

Tue May 23, 2017 7:33 am
Similar to Classic Jungle 1, I'm uploading my latest version of Class CnM Jungle 2 here as well.  I never got to finish this version so it's still in BETA.  I also gave a copy of this to ki_mkt so he created his own folk of Classic Jungle 2.

There's a known bug in this version, though!!  Close the last player slot (Yellow) or else the game ends as soon as it starts.  Sad

Below is the change log:

Classic 2 BETA build 841 - July 22, 2017 (7.0.0841.main.201707220223)
- (bug) fixed a bug where cat cannot re-use Temporary Invincibility
- (balance) reduced Critter Bomb's cost from 5+1 to 3+3 (cost 3 dts, require 6 dts at presence)
- (balance) increased Corsair's HP from 140 to 380
- enabled Terran Wraith and Terran Battlecruiser to be built at Starport
- (balance) increased Super Penguin Solder's damage factor from 1 to 2
- (balance) increased Super Wicked Alex's HP from 15 to 40, Shield from 5 to 8
- (balance) increased Baby Cat's HP from 4300 to 6666
- (balance) increased Corrupted Queen's HP from 22 to 200
- (balance) increased Queen's HP from 120 to 200
- added Anti-BS on Hero Zealot, Dragoon, Marine
- (bug) fixed Anti-BS' warning and ban message for Zealot
- (balance) added extra razing score for kills of Reaver, Hero Marine, Zealot, Dragoon.

Classic 2 BETA build 840 - July 4, 2017 (7.0.0840.main.201707040034)
- (bug) fixed a bug where new Anti-MOD codes added in build 838 incorrectly aborts the game when there is a Player 7 (Yellow) in the game (caused by an incorrect detection count of 'Terran Beacon', which P7 used at game start).
- (bug) fixed a bug where BB Mode kills cat's buildings (i.e. Jail Guards)
- (balance) BB Mode now kills workers (i.e. Stupid Fred and Mouse)
- added all EUD anti-hack triggers that were removed in build 838, since players after playing this map without EUD still quits bnet after game ends.

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